5 Reasons Everyone Should Have A Burglar Alarm In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Police Department has confirmed that home burglaries are rising once again. In a disturbing new tactic, the criminals knock and then simply kick the door in if no one answers. Most home break-ins happen during the day while residents are gone to work or school, and unoccupied, easily-accessible houses are prime targets. A 2010 study found that burglars spend less than a minute breaking into a home; the more hoops they have to jump through, the more likely that they will simply move on to better pickings. Homeowners should keep doors and windows locked, install deadbolts, set lights and televisions/radios on automatic timers, and have a reliable security system installed. Here are five good reasons to have a burglar alarm in Las Vegas:

Crime Deterrence and Neighborhood Safety

Most home security systems include warning signs to place in prominent spots around the property. The signs alone can deter a thief from breaking in, or from breaking windows, if he or she decides it simply isn’t worth the risk. Sirens and motion detectors reduce the risks of neighborhood car theft and vandalism. Cameras can collect important evidence should a break-in occur.

Outside Monitoring

Often security companies monitor a home’s activity from another location and will call police, or any phone number the homeowner provides, if the alarm should sound. Many systems also feature a speaker panel which can “listen” for emergencies inside the home and contact immediate help if needed. This not only increases safety, but also helps to prevent false alarms and their subsequent fees. Most modern security systems can detect carbon monoxide, fire, or smoke, and are usually equipped with a panic button to discreetly summon police.

Remote Viewing and Control

Today’s wireless Internet technology allows users to connect some security services to their computers or smartphones. Homeowners can log on to check in on the home, children, or pets; they can also program and arm their security systems when they are miles away. Some systems can be specially programmed to send alerts or texts anytime someone enters the home or opens a particular cupboard.

Lower Insurance Costs

Homes equipped with security services are less of a reliability to insurance companies and many of them will reward residents with a substantial discount on their insurance costs. This savings can amount to as much as twenty percent. Some alarm companies offer an anti-theft guarantee; should a theft occur when the system is armed, the company may help pay the owner’s deductible.

Peace of Mind

Security systems protect property and loved ones around the clock. Homeowners with burglar alarms in Las Vegas can rest easier knowing their familes are safer and less likely to be victimized.

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