5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Get ACLS Certification

Medical emergencies can strike anywhere. It could happen in a bus, train, aircraft, office building or a restaurant. The thin line between life and death depends on what the people around do to assist those affected. Take cardiac arrests for instance. The longer a victim stays without emergency attention and treatment, the higher the chance for death. That is in extreme cases. Otherwise, the affected person also risks having a permanent damage to his or her body organs. The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification arms medics and people who deal with medical emergencies with skills to handle such situations. Reasons as to why you too should get this certification:

1. Emergency response

By now, you are fully aware that emergencies are imminent. They can occur anywhere anytime. Cardiac arrests, fainting, chocking and accident traumas are common occurrences. If you are a nurse, police officer, paramedic or fire fighter such training might be a requirement. Basic first aid is taught in training school. However, ACLS goes deeper than this. It teaches you additional skills like starting an IV drip correctly, intubation and how to read ECGs (electrocardiograms). With this kind of knowledge and skills, you are in a good position to respond to an emergency.

2. Employability and adding value to your work

As a hospital or standard employee, an ACLS certification stands out as an additional skill set. The certificate is recognized across the United States and even in other parts of the world. With this certificate, your present or prospective employer will see that you are hardworking, ambitious and proactive. You can seek for a promotion from one nursing level to the next. On the other hand, you can also use the certification to convince recruiters to hire you. Other than doing that which you are being interviewed for, employers are constantly seeking for people with additional skills.

3. Online study

With a computer and internet connection, you can also take this course from the comfort of your home. There is no harm in learning something new especially one that hinges on saving lives. Imagine if everyone in your workplace has received training on resuscitation and dealing with cardiac arrest. Take advantage of the opportunity to study for ACLS Certification online.

4. Prerequisite for entering medical career

If you love working in hospitals and helping patients get well, then an ACLS certification will help pique your interest. With a nursing diploma and an ACLS certificate, it is possible to realize your dream sooner than you had expected. Nurses who have undertaken this training are able to handle cardiac arrest cases much better.

5. Anyone can train

Unlike some courses that place a capping on who can take them, ACLS is open to everyone.

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