Best Furniture for a Small Space

Small spaces can be challenging to furnish because you don’t have the space needed to accommodate grand home décor designs or large furniture pieces. If you are looking to furnish a small apartment or home, consider these room-specific tips:

Living Room

-Sectionals take up far less space than separate pieces like couches, recliners and chase lounges and offer plenty of sitting room for guests. In order to make use of a small space, consider adding an L-shaped sectional to your living room.
-Using an ottoman is a great way to save space because it can serve as a foot rest and also double as a place to set things like remotes, books and magazines, food or drink, etc. Some ottomans from Crowley Furniture even have built in storage!

Dining Room

-Six, eight and ten-person tables are great, but if you have a small space you just don’t have the room for a table of this size. In fact, if you are in a small apartment, you may not have a dining room at all. Having a small round table or square four-person table in your space can provide a space-saving dining option. Putting a square table up against the wall to make it into a three-person dining table is one great way to squeeze every last inch of room out of a tiny space.
-Putting a small table at one end of a galley kitchen can give you the effect of an eat-in kitchen without taking any space away from food preparation.


-Using a small desk with built-in drawers is a good way to have a working surface and also provide a place for storage. If you have a larger desk, maximize the space it takes up by putting stackable shelving on the desk itself or on the wall above the desk.
-Put up as many things as possible. Instead of having things on the floor like your desktop computer, router, external hard drive, etc. Place as many things on shelving as possible so that you can have enough room to walk around in your office. This will free up floor space and also make your office look less cluttered.


-Having a TV in your bedroom is great, but making room for the TV stand can be challenging if you’re short on space. Instead, mount the TV on the wall to maximize the space around your bed.
-Use a small bedside table. Often times people buy large night-stands to go next to their bedside, but if you are short on space consider going for a table that merely serves as a tabletop instead of one that has built in drawers. This serves the same function and can save a lot of space.

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