Classic Business Meeting Locations and Why They Work

A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into planning a business meeting. In fact, those who have been tasked with arranging such a meeting will tell you that business meetings aren’t so dissimilar from running a successful business. You must know your market – the client and how to best serve that client with the tools you have available. It’s imperative that the location of the meeting be thoughtfully selected, as the location is going to convey a lot about the tone and intent of the relationship with the client. Here’s a list of a few tried-and-true spots to consider for your next business meeting.

1. Golf Course: A golf course provides the perfect atmosphere to create a relationship with your client or to enrich and further foster trust in longer standing relationships. The lush green course, sprawling landscapes, crisp air and a touch of competition are what has made golf courses such a standard go-to for businessmen and women for decades. Companies such as Pacific Links International cater specifically to this type of meeting and facilitate the types of interactions you want to have with your clients. Membership to this type of golf course can be an indispensable asset in building long-lasting relationships with business partners and clients alike.

2. Restaurants: An up-scale restaurant provides an environment relaxed enough to be able to have open, free conversation and yet professional enough to showcase the pedigree of a business. Kicking back, having a few drinks from the bar and a well-prepared meal is just the ticket to getting a client to relax and open up to suggestions or offers. Look for restaurants that will make arrangements for medium to large sized groups such as private seating. A meeting at a restaurant will take considerably less time and money than at a golf course, but it provides much less of an opportunity to build trust and establish a relationship.

3. Coffee Shops: A meeting at a coffee shop conveys a more a casual, easygoing tone, making it easier for everyone to break out of their professional shells. While not as classy as an up-scale restaurant or as luxurious as a day at the golf club, coffee shops provide a desirable atmosphere for a very low cost. This makes them ideal for meetings with clients you’ve already established a relationship with or for start-up businesses with tighter budgets.

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