Common Home Heating Problems

There are several things that can cause a home to feel cool when it should be warm. The first place to look is at your insulation. Sometimes, window seals and door seals can be worn or dried out. When this happens air comes and goes as it pleases. It doesn’t seem like much but it can translate into hundreds of dollars in wasted heating costs over a winter, depending upon the size of your home. Another place to look is your actual windows. If they’re still the single pane sheet glass windows of yester year then, you need to consider changing them to double or triple pane windows. Most of these now have an inert gas between the panes that helps in insulating the windows further.

Insulation in the walls and ceiling, or attic are the next thing to look at. Many older homes put thick fiberglass insulation in the attic, or ceiling and neglected the outer walls. You can easily tell if your home has proper wall insulation by standing next to an exterior wall on a cold windy day. If you can feel the wind through the wall, you don’t have any insulation. Now days, insulation can be pumped in through a hose by any number of companies. I once lived in a home where I could actually see the street through the cracks in the wall. This, understandably, was a heating nightmare. I did not own the home, and my landlord was not inclined to repair it, so I moved.

One of the biggest heating culprits is your heater. It should be checked yearly by a professional, such as a heating contractor in Columbus, to be certain that it is operating correctly and efficiently. It also needs to have the filters changed regularly. If you have both a heater and an air conditioning unit, chances are that they both run through the furnace to utilize the ducting. This means that they both use the same filters. The filters need to be changed before each season. In other words, change them before you turn on the heat, and then again before you turn on the air conditioner. This will not only increase efficiency of both units but, it will also decrease the number of allergens and germs that will be spread within your home.

Simple maintenance that should be performed yearly by heating contractors in Columbus, can quickly turn your chilly house into an inviting warm, and comfortable home. Yearly maintenance can also save you money in heating bills, while making the air that you breathe cleaner and warmer. It is simply not worth it to ignore your furnace.

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