Dental Implant Providers referred by US Congressional Districts web Mapping

A new interactive referral website is online to provides access to Oral Surgeons and Restorative Dentists in every US Congressional District across the US who are surgically trained and clinically experienced dental implant providers.

Dr. Richard Ferris, a retired oral surgeon from Fairfax, Virginia says the premature dental implant failure suffered by many patients stems from the inexperience of the operating dentists who perform many of the implant procedures done at present. His website,, is using the residential zip codes of all 435 US Congressional Districts to connect implant patients with the mapped offices and practice websites of Oral Surgeons and Restorative Dentists in each of these 435 US Districts who are specifically qualified as trained and clinically experienced dental implant providers.

Why do many dental implants fail? According to Dr. Ferris “ It’s because the treating dentist does not have the clinical surgical experience required for the case management that consistently results in successful long term dental implant use and retention.”

Several academic investigative studies have reflected Dr. Ferris’s view:

In the report of a study published recently in the Dental Tribune International, researchers at the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry have suggested that, regardless of other patient risk factors, successful long-term implant outcomes significantly depend on the experience of the clinician performing the procedure.

The Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 1997 Dec;55(12 Suppl 5):12-8 in an early article titled “Positive effect of surgical experience with implants on second-stage implant survival”.Lambert PM1, Morris HF, Ochi S concluded that “ Implants placed by inexperienced surgeons       (< 50 implants) failed twice as often as those placed by experienced surgeons (> or = 50 implants).”

Dr. Ferris indicates that the online site, has been designed to help individuals find local qualified oral surgeons and restorative dentists by doing a simple zip code search which displays an interactive map with live local links exclusively to the websites of qualified trained and experienced Oral Surgeons and Restorative Dentists in the same Congressional District as the inquiring patient.

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