Dental Tips for Pristine Teeth

No one ever leaves the house without giving themselves a second look in the mirror. We obsess over our makeup, hair and clothes. Why isn’t that the same when it comes to our dental care. Why do we forget to brush daily, floss daily and make regular trips to the dentist. An unpleasant smile can make you look older and less attractive. A smile is not just a smile, our teeth and gums can be an indicator to underlying problems. Practicing good dental care is essential to our health. Here are some dental tips that will keep your teeth in pristine condition.

Scheduling a trip to our Dental Physician every six months is essential. The dentist can assist you with preventative care and give insight on maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, a dentist can help to treat the early sign of tooth decay.  If there is an a problem such as a cavity a dentist can repair the tooth with a filling . Failure to correct issues such as cavities, and tooth decay can lead to more serious problems in the future. What we eat  is important to. Acidic foods can cause our tooth enamel to break down. Weak enamel  leaves your teeth susceptible to cracking and sensitivity.Try to avoid chewing on crunchy things such as ice, popcorn kernels and hard candy. However, do eat foods that assist in cleaning your teeth. Healthy options include apples,carrots and celery.

Reduce and prevent inflammation, at all cost. Inflammation is our body’s natural defense to bacteria and debris. We’ve heard it before, brush twice daily, preferably after meals. This is true. Each time we brush our teeth we are reducing the amount of bacteria that live along the, gum, teeth and tongue. Choose a toothbrush that is approve from the ADA and change it every three months.  Try to find quality toothpaste that has fluoride in it. Choose a mouthwash that is dentist recommended. Don’t forget to Floss. Each time we floss, we remove excess plaque from along our gums. Allowing plaque to build up can cause increase your risk of developing heart disease. Heart disease can occur happens when excess plaque sticks to the wall or your arteries.

Peridon disease and tooth decay takes time to develop. For most adults, they do not even realize that they have developed this disease. Brushing your teeth and seeing blood is an indicator that you need to see a dentist. Prolonging dental treatment from a Dental Physician can result in other serious diseases such as loss of teeth, diabetes and heart disease. Our goal is to keep our teeth free of cavities, bacteria, and stains.

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