Earbuds or Over the Ear Headphones

Depending upon what actives you will be using your earphones for having ear buds or over the ear headphones can make a difference in your comfort. Both kinds will be stay in place if it is a higher quality brand. But, in the debate between which is better it is easiest to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Ear buds


  • Ear buds are less bulky, which makes it easier to put take them on and off. Also make it easier to store in a pocket or bag.
  • Can be more discreetly worn, especially by peopled with longer hair. They are also less likely to become tangles in longer hair. Not everyone will know immediately that you are listening to music, especially if you run the cord under your shirt.
  • Are comfortable to wear, they are lightweight but still have great sound quality.


  • Could be yanked out of your ear more easily by kids, or even your own arm when not paying attention. Especially if you are constantly moving around, like with aerobics.
  • Could feel less secure when compared to the over the ear option. Even though a good ear bud wouldn’t fall out it could become distracting if you are worried about it.

Over the Ear Headphone


  • If in the ear, ear buds bother you more than over the ear might feel more comfortable.
  • If you are worried about the ear bud coming out of your ear especially while you are working out than you might want to try over the ear. Especially if you are planning on doing anything that is more athletic like, basketball, tennis or running.
  • Will feel more securely fit in your ear.


  • Over the ear headphones may run the chance of becoming tangles in longer hair when putting on and off.
  • These are more obvious if trying to be discreet about listening to music it will be harder to do with these.
  • Can start to feel heavy on the outer ear as you where them for extended periods of time. Could feel and look like you ear is being folded forwards.
  • The Ear pieces and cords take up more space when being stored, especially in a pocket. The bulkiness can be uncomfortable in your pocket.

Regardless of whether or not your preference is over the ear of ear buds be sure to be selective with your choices. Look for ear buds that are made to stay in the ear without falling out when active with them. The sound should be rich and not be diluted by a bunch of background noises. Also look for functions and a mic on the cords of them that will control music and phone calls, by simply pushing a button.

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