Fieldscale launches innovative touchscreen design tool, Sense

High-tech simulation software company promises touchscreen design engineers speed and ease of use.

San Francisco, CA: Today, Fieldscale, a Greek startup that specializes in state-of-the-art simulation software for electric design and analysis, announced they were launching their latest product, Sense. Sense is a new touchscreen design tool that promises to save engineering time, perform simulations with maximum accuracy, cut down time-to-market and product costs, and do all of the above within an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use environment.

“Sense was designed with the explicit goal of helping engineers create the most advanced touchscreens in just five simple steps,” said Fieldscale CEO, Yiorgos Bontzios. “It is the first touch sensor design tool of its kind. Its easy-to-use environment, along with the powerful simulation engine running in the background, empowers engineers to analyze their models like never before.”

Sense is designed in a way that allows the user to perform the entire process of designing and virtual testing a touch sensor within five simple steps, and in just one screen. Extra computational power is also available through the additional option of using hundreds of extra computer cores on Fieldscale Cloud. The overall aim is to deliver top accuracy results ten times faster than any other simulation software.

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