Guaranteed Mainframe cost reduction Lower MLC and R4HA

                                     TurboTune 2015

     You can get a free Mainframe Cost Reduction Audit without even talking to us. Just e-mail us for the Data Gathering Instructions. Follow the directions and forward the required data. We will return a Management Report Showing you how efficient or inefficient your Mainframe is doing.


     Companies should always try to cut costs but not at the ability to deliver value to their customers. When a company can cut cost, improve the performance of employees and bring value to customers there is a tremendous benefit. That is what TurboTune does. You can get a Free Data Center Analysis of your Mainframe using your data. It is fast and easy. No Software is installed. It takes very little time to collect the data. You can find out how many $$$ you are wasting and how much better performance can be improved and no confidential or customer information is ever gathered.


                                     TurboTune 2015     An IBM Business Partner

Subject: A CLIENTS e-mail from a major Bank:
   The kinds of things that can be done with Turbo.

“Yes we installed your improvements and we did see great results the fiche processing that normally starts the 3rd business day of the month and has over 45,000 jobs ran in less than 9 hours normal time is 24 hours. I see no need to take the time to send new files. We have tracked the improvements. Thanks for the recommendation this one worked out nicely.”


Get a FREE MLC R4HA Cost Reduction Analysis
Reduce Monthly Charge (MLC) software pricing

You can now gather statistical data on your Mainframe, assign a key code to the file, send it to the Cloud for analysis and get back cost saving improvements that will cut your Mainframe operational costs. TurboTune supports all mainframes. Use TurboTune to save thousands of employee hours doing performance tuning and speed development cycles.

                                          THE INITIAL ANALYSIS IS ABSOLUTELY FREE


     After the free analysis if you wish to proceed you only pay for MIPS that you save.

                                        We both share the risk and the rewards.

TurboTune is effective on zEC13’s, zEC12’s, z196’s, MVS, VM, zVSE, and all IBM Mainframe Operating Systems. Also DB2, IMS, CISC and all other Databases and Vendor Software. It works great with RLS and Striping.  TurboTune is a system of programs and an expert database that compares a client’s Mainframe Computer setting’s, parameter’s, and attribute’s against an expert best of breed database and predicts the obtainable improvement possible to I/O, CPU, EXCP’s, Response Time, Run Time, DASD, CACHE and System Overhead. The improvements reduce the cost to process and improves the speed of Mainframe Applications. TurboTune runs in the Cloud, on Desktops, Laptops, Servers, and Mainframes. All versions are available for licensing or as a Service.


Turbotune software from Critical Path Software, Inc.


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