Home Necessities

Now that I’m to that “older” phase in life, I am becoming more realistic and learning about everything that needs to happen in order to make my dream house become a reality. When thinking about a home and what your must haves are, there are lots of things that are great to have included.

First of all, you may consider AC. This is especially nice if you are living in an area that gets very hot in the Summer. I know I am very grateful for my AC during the Summer months when it is warm outside. It is nice to come into a cool and breezy home. It helps to keep me better relaxed. When considering getting AC it is important to keep in mind maintenance. It is good to regular check your AC unit and make sure it has clean filters. When the filters get bogged down with junk they won’t work as well, and your air quality might be lower. Not to mention the unit will have to work harder to produce the air so you’ll see a higher bill.

Second, you may want to think about a home security system. Not only will this help protect your home and possibly give it a higher resale value, but it will help to keep you safe, which is priceless. If you want to go a step further than simply a home security system, you may find considering home security monitoring to be beneficial. Alarm Relay is a great company that provides extremely affordable home monitoring services to help ensure better peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Third, you may consider having a home theater room. This is really fun especially for young kids as they are growing up. You can make some memories being together as friends and family in your home watching movies. Get a big screen in the front of the room and order some comfy theater seats. If you don’t want the costliness of making an in depth home theater, consider getting a large flat screen TV mounted to the front wall of the room, and getting a really comfy couch or bean bags for the ground. It is just meant to be a fun room.

Fourth, when thinking about must haves in a home consider good storage. Perhaps even consider designer storage. We as individuals tend to have a lot of stuff which accumulates over time. Closet organizer systems are great and make any home more desirable because there is more of a designated place for everything. Hooks and shelves are great and give the closet a more organized look as well. There are some great companies which specialize in organization and more specifically even closet design.

Fifth, I love kitchens. So a house that has a beautiful kitchen makes me weak in the knees. I love updated kitchens with beautiful cherry cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Also a kitchen that has plenty of counter space or even an island for plenty of food preparation space. Keep in mind some of these ideas when looking for a home, or when you are thinking of renovating your current home in order to increase the usability or even increase the resale value some day. 


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