Homecoming Queen

It takes more than just the beauty, the brains or being an outgoing person for one to become a homecoming queen. Instead, this highly covetable crown can only be worn by someone who also looks good in the way the dress, how they apply their makeup and how they style their hair. As such, Devachan salon acts as the perfect place to get the best of all hair products designed to make one stand out during any big day as well as have their hair made.

Although the four Devachan salons are specifically geared towards the provision of quality hair products for girls with curvy or wavy hair, there also are other several products made to cater for the diverse needs of chemically dehydrated hair. The Devacurl products include both styling products and cleansers. All of these are made to have 0% of silicone, sulfate or paraben. Instead, the hair products are highly rich in botanical extracts and healthy oils such as wheat protein, lavender and olive oil. With these, one will end up finding that it’s a lot easier for them to have their hair hydrated, being well moisturized, cleansed and easy to style.

The salon offers products that are not just geared towards helping people of one hair type but all hair types. This is because all of the products are designed to have a well balanced PH as well as being highly botanic. In here, one gets to have their hair cut or curled by the best hair professionals and treated by the best hair hydration specialists in order to preserve the hair’s natural shape. The salon is at the same time known for it’s being the leader in both hair painting and cutting techniques thereby giving an exceptional 3D work of art.

Clients to the Devachan salon include women, men and also the children. Different haircuts are made so is hair coloring and other services such as conditioning treatment, consultations, blow-dry and styling, perm, extensions and updos among others. Examples of the Devacurl products and cleansers include the Devacare for all hair types which is specifically designed to hydrate curls and is enriched with citrus oil and orange peel extracts, Devacurl shine spray to enhance the curls and make them frizz free, the Devacurl dryer and fuser and most importantly are the Devacurl botanically infused products meant to hydrate the hair hence giving frizz free, healthy and highly manageable curls.

Since there are four main salons run by Devachan in New York and Los Angeles, the road to get that awesome curly hair style as you prepare to be crowned the Homecoming queen is just a distance away. And maybe, all that you need is some of these curly hair products!

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