How to File for Disability Benefits

The process of applying for Disability in Indiana can be either a simple or complicated process, depending on whether or not an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney is used. The first step in applying for benefits is properly completing an application. The information requested on the application consists of personal identifying information, allegation information, medical professionals seen, and past work performed. This step can be assisted by your Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney. This attorney can assist by insuring that all information is properly submitted. Also, the review process could be expedited by submitting medical records along with the initial application.
The next step in the application process is the evaluation of the medical information by a Disability Examiner. This can only be done as fast as the information is received from medical sources. Attaining an attorney can expedite the gathering of this information by following up on record requests with both the medical records offices and also the Disability Determination office. Also, an attorney will manage all contact with the examiners as needed.
Once information is gathered, it will then be evalutated for validity. At this point in the process, an application can be approved based on meeting a listing of the Social Security Disability handbook or rated vocationally. This vocational rating will explain the type and levels of work that could be performed by the applicant, given their condition. This rating could allow or deny the claim, based on age and past work.
If a claim is denied, the next process of the application is reconsideration. This process is very similar to the initial application process. Hiring an attorney for this process can greatly increase your chance of approval. An attorney will insure that all available information has been submitted to the Disability Determination office. Also, proper description of past work will be submitted. Your attorney will keep in contact with the office, allowing for a swift decision. Once again, a decision will be made on your case, based on a similar process as the initial application.
If the reconsideration claim is denied, a hearing may then be requested. This will involve further investigation in to the claim. This process is more personal and will be greatly assisted by your Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney. In this process, your claim may be heard by an Adminstrative Law Judge, who will then make a decision based on updated information on the claim. This is the portion of the application process where most successful claims occur.
Hiring an attorney from the beginning of your Disability Application process can greatly assist in the entire process and will increase your chances of acceptance of your claim.

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