How to Hire a Family Lawyer

When marriages go belly up, you will want to invest in a good family law attorney in Monterey. You do not want just to hire the first person you come across; rather, you will want to make sure that you are thorough during the hiring process.

Meet With the Law Firm
The first step is to visit a law firm and ask to speak with the divorce lawyers. When you meet with the lawyer for the first time, conduct the conversation like an interview. You will want to make sure that you are completely comfortable and that you feel like everyone is on the same page about what is desired.

Find Out the Fees
When you are interviewing a family law attorney in Monterey, you will want to make sure everyone is clear on what the fees will be. You do not want any surprise charges, and you want to know how the payment plans will work. If you are unclear on any of this, then do not sign a contract until you are. Otherwise, you could end up with a second lawsuit.

Have Questions Prepared
You will want to have a set of questions prepared so that you can compare law firms. You will also want to make sure that you are concise in what your needs are. If you are not treated with respect, then you will want to find a different lawyer. You are not stupid, you are simply not informed when it comes to legal needs for separating and you want someone on your side that is.

Keep the Peace
You will want a lawyer who is willing to help dissolve the marriage but not make war with the other side. This includes attempting to get revenge or use the children as a bargaining tool. If you do not try to keep things peaceful, then the courts could decide to not side with your demands.

Interview Multiple Law Firms
When you need a family law attorney in Monterey, you will want to interview several lawyers prior to hiring one. Always tell a lawyer that you will get back to them and then call a day or two later to have another question. If they are unwilling to answer your next call, cross them off your lists as possible attorneys to hire.

You will want to make sure that in your first interview you are able to get a feel on what the law firm is like, what their goals are, and what their strategy will be to win your case. It is not a time to chitchat for advice on the phone and then ask to be hired for more information. Divorces are emotionally trying and you will want someone on your side that you can trust completely.

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