How To Market A Website

Are you looking for new ways to market your website? There are many reasons why someone would want to market their website. By following these ten marketing tips, you can be sure to market your website and have people visit.

1. Press releases: Sending press releases about your website will stir up interest about your website. There are many websites that do this for free, including and These websites allow users to create accounts and distribute their releases for free.

2. Claim, verify and update your Google Business listing. Google Local Listings have been placed into Google+. Using this service will help rank your website higher in search engine listings.

3. Build a Google+ page for your business and follow other businesses that are in the same niche as you. Share information that is relevant and similar to your business.

4. Search Google and comment with information and your opinion on blogs that are written in your business category. Make sure to leave your URL. This practice is not to be confused with comment spamming. The topics and conversations should be related back to the discussion in the blog.

5. Update your Build a Facebook page and work to get more people interested in your business by posting updates and photos about your business and products. Invite others to like the page and let them know about what it is your business does. Answer questions and help potential customers learn more about what you do.

6. Build a free map on Google Maps and add descriptions for your business and locations. Make the map public and put a link to it on your website.

7. Create a Twitter account for your business and engage in conversations with people talking about your business or products by searching on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see what others might be talking about. Follow the .net development company on Twitter to see good examples of this practice on their Twitter handle, @WinDevelopment‎.

8. Place your web address in your e-mail signature on all outgoing mail. All of your mail recipients will get the link and they will have the chance to click on it as well.

9. Research your competitors: When it comes to marketing anything, it’s a best practice to see what your competition is up to. Look for things you like that your competition is doing and try to emulate them.

10. Create a “Resource Page” on your website. Place helpful links to other websites with a brief description under each link. This page will be crawled by search engines and then will lead new visitors to your website.

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