How To Replace Your Shingles

If your roof materials become damaged during a storm you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire roof’s surface.  You can replace the damaged area of shingles on your own simply by following a few steps.  Here is how to replace your shingles:

  • When you notice a damaged area of shingles on your roof you should repair it as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of your roof.  Shingles are vital in keeping water out of your home.  Begin by determining how large of an area of shingles you will need to replace.  You will need to have replacement materials.  If you have remaining materials left from when your roof was shingled last these will be more of an exact match.  If you do not have left over shingles, take one of the damaged shingle pieces with you to your local home improvement store and find a new shingle that will blend with what is currently installed on your home.
  • Make sure that you have the proper safety equipment and tools needed to complete the roofing project.  San Francisco rental service store offers the necessary tools as well as rental safety equipment.  It is also important to make sure that you feel comfortable working on the area of the roof that is damaged.  If you are uncertain of the slope or your abilities to work on the roof consult a professional repair company to complete the shingle replacement.
  • Begin by loosening the shingles in the area to be repaired.  You will need to not only remove any nails that may be holding down the damaged shingles but will also need to loosen the adhesive that is holding the shingles in place.  Begin by loosening the adhesive on the shingles above the damaged section of roofing.
  • Carefully remove the damaged shingles.  If necessary cut around the damaged area to create a clean opening for the new shingles.  When the damaged shingle has been removed, clean and prep the area for the new shingle.  You’ll need to make sure that the area where the new shingles are going to be placed is free of debris as well as sized right to fit the new shingles.
  • With the area prepped you can begin to install the new shingles.  First test fit the shingle into the area.  When you know that it fits you can use new adhesive to secure and waterproof the shingle installation.  Use roofing nails to complete the installation of the new shingles.

Taking the time to repair damaged roofing shingles as soon as you notice that they are failing can help to protect your home.  Your roof is your first line of defense against the weather elements of storms and sun.  Take the time to routinely inspect the shingles on your roof and repair and replace them as necessary.

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