Is It Time To Upgrade To A Powered Wheelchair?

Are your arms starting to wear down after a long-day in the wheelchair? A lot of people find that upgrading to powered wheelchair is a huge benefit to their health. While the initial cost may be an investment, the benefits you will receive are definitely worth it. If you are considering this decision, it is important to test out different models. This shopping is similar to car-buying as the last thing you want to do is run into buyer’s remorse.

Individuals with mobility challenges will have great blessings from the power wheelchair. It gives you the freedom to truly move around without being dependent on other people. Power wheelchairs are a great choice for individuals that struggle with problems related to upper body strength. Pushing the wheels of a manual wheelchair can be exhausting, they can also leave your hands in bad shape, forcing a lot of people to wear gloves.

It is important to have good navigation skills when you are using a power wheelchair. The wheelchairs can move pretty quickly and you need to be able to have excellent coordination and visual perception to make sure you aren’t crashing into things. Wheelchairs are normally small enough to get around some tight corners of your home.

Some people opt for scooters. They can do a great job of helping you to get around. They have a handlebar that you will steer around instead of using a joystick or touchpad controller on the armrest. The scooters are great for people that need help getting around due to limited mobility problems. Many grocery stores have scooters you can use to go shopping to make your trip to the store easier. The scooter is a great device to assist people, but it is not a great option for people that need medical support. A scooter has a larger turning radius, so they have a harder time getting around tight corners.

Buying a new power wheelchair or scooter can be an expensive investment. It is a good idea to talk to your insurance company about the various options they will pay for. Medicare can help to cover the cost for many seniors but there are specific requirements you will need to meet to qualify for the wheelchair. The downside to insurance is that they can take a long time to process your claim for the wheelchair. If you need this device now, it may be faster to purchase it directly and see if the insurance company will give you back any compensation for it.

Buy a wheelchair that has a warranty. This will allow for any parts to be correctly replaced. You should also select this to have repair work done properly by a professional.

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