Men’s Grooming and Health Care

Most men want to look and feel their best. To do that men have to pay closer attention to their grooming and health care. Many men would rather pass a kidney stone than regularly visit the doctor. This has led to many men becoming sick and dying from easily treatable ailments. To many men to visit a doctor is to acknowledge weakness. In terms of grooming, a growing number of men have begun to take the time necessary to make them look their best. Still, more needs to be done.

There are several things men must do to maintain good health. Many men are at high risk for high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high PSA levels and high blood pressure and low testosterone. To combat these challenges men should talk to their doctors about creating a nutrition and fitness regimen. They should also get lots of rest, exercise and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. It’s important men become familiar with health history of their family to identify potential problems and work with their doctors to address them.

Their exercise program should gradually build strength and improve cardio fitness. Creating an exercise routine that includes 30 minutes of walking 3 or more days a week is a good place to start. Doing household chores and yard work are an excellent way to exercise. Increasing the amount of exercise you do by about 15 minutes a day each week is a great way to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina and improve cardiovascular health. Working out with a buddy can help men to remain motivated to stick with their exercise program.

When it comes to grooming, there are some simple things men can do to make themselves look better. They include removing back hair and otherwise managing excessive body hair. Try waxing, electronic or a laser-hair removal device. Find a hairstyle that suits you and get regular haircuts. Don’t neglect ear and nose hair. If you have facial hair experiment with different styles until you find the right look. Learn the art of shaving and practice regularly. Choosing a good soap, deodorant and cologne can help men to smell fresh, clean and inviting to women. Men should also wash and condition their hair regularly.

When it comes to clothes there are some simple steps men can take to make their clothes look better. Eliminating wrinkles can create a clean, professional look. Take your clothes to the cleaners or iron them while they’re still damp. Experiment with accessories and develop a signature style. Buy jeans that fit well and are versatile enough for weekdays or weekends. Use a moisturizer right after showering to keep your skin looking moist. Whiten your teeth and use dental floss. Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Invest in good underwear. Get a good suit. Splurge on a nice leather jacket and a few nice pairs of dress shoes.

These tips can transform your look, your love life and your professional life.

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