Mzinga supports peer to peer learning with the launch of TWIL

TWIL is a mobile first app for team based video learning


Burlington, MA – January 13, 2016 – Mzinga® (, the leading provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and customer experience markets, today announced TWIL – a mobile app for video learning.

“TWIL is a game changer,” reports Mike Merriman, Mzinga’s CMO. “Whether your organization has a traditional learning infrastructure or not, your employees, colleagues, and teammates have a need to share what they know, and learn from one another. Informal learning takes place today at the water cooler, on the drive back from the job site, and at the airport after an important sales call. Mobile enabled video makes this a reality for distributed teams of any size.  For the first time you’ll be able to empower your team and provide a platform that enables true knowledge sharing and retention.”

“We are firm believers that the future of learning is mobile, video-based and collaborative,” said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “Three converging trends – the ubiquity of IoT (Internet of Things), the ever increasing expectations of millennials in the workforce, and the rise of short form video for formal learning and knowledge transfer position offerings such as TWIL in a sweet spot. Mzinga has capitalized on these trends to launch TWIL and create a new market opportunity.”

TWIL stands for This Week I Learned. It is a subscription based mobile app and web portal that allows teams of any size to record videos, share them with their team, and collaborate.

To learn more about TWIL, visit TWIL is available as a free trial through March 2016.


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