Protecting Your Family From Intruders

It is important for people to protect their family from intruders. Every day homes are broken into. The first line of defense against home invasion is to have the right level of security in place. Here are some tips on protecting your family from intruders.

Install Dead Bolt Locks

Dead bolt locks help to re-enforce doors so that they are as secure as possible. Many intruders can kick in doors so it helps to install these locks and kick plates n the bottom of all doors regardless of their location. The locks should be changed every five years. If a home has just been bought, then changing all of the locks helps to reduce the likelihood that someone with prior access or knowledge of the home can try to break into it.

Install an Alarm System

A Las Vegas alarm system can be installed in a home to monitor its security. The great thing about an alarm system is that it is active 24 hours per day. This allows homeowners to have coverage even when they are not occupying the home. Many home intruders decide to target homes when the residents are out and about at work or school. The alarm system can be armed even from away from home to make sure that the home is as safe as possible.

Do Not Give Strangers Frequent Access to the Home

Homes can often be robbed by individuals who have been in it before. It is crucial for homeowners to restrict access to the home to only the home’s regular inhabitants. Strangers including repair personnel should never be left to roam freely because they can use their knowledge to come back and rob the home at another date.

Do Not Allow Others to See Boxes of Valuable Items

Many people leave boxes by the curb especially around the holiday season. This allows others in the neighborhood to see that the homeowner has valuables that they may want to steal. Every box should be broken down and placed face down and disposed of in a trash receptacle or put in with recycling if applicable.

Keep Windows Shut

Open windows can often lead to security problems. Homes are large and even leaving a second story window open can allow intruders access to the home. Windows should be shut whenever a person leaves the room or goes to bed. This helps to reduce the likelihood that unwanted access can occur in the home. A fence should be installed around the perimeter as well to act as a deterrent. Intruders look for homes that are easy to target so making the job harder can be a great source of protection for people to have in place.

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