Taking Your Pet to The Vet

Taking your pet to the vet can be a hassle just to get them to the destination. However, using proper steps can make the trip and experience much easier on both you and your pet. Dogs are much easier to handle in the car although it may be best to but smaller ones in a carrier. Very large dogs should be kept on a leash once leaving the car to walk in the vets office to prevent the pet from running away. The size of the carrier will depend on the size of the animal. If your pet is a kitten or puppy, they will need a smaller carrier to avoid accidents from occurring when traveling.

Most cats are not used to car rides and will need a carrier. Cats roaming free in a car can cause accidents and is very stressful to both you and the pet. A carrier that allow you to place your pet inside through the top is suggested because it is much easier to take your pet in and out. Placing your pets blanket inside the carrier will help calm them since it will have the smell and familiarity of their home.

When traveling with a pet, it is best to start out with short rides to adjust your pet to being in a car. Keeping the pet in a sturdy area of the car without being bumped or loud music is highly suggest since commotion can cause a pet to stress. Just like people, pets can get car sick. To avoid your pets getting car sick, it is best to not feed them within that hour before a car ride.

If you are taking a pet to the vet for surgery, you may not need to hold off on feeding your pet for a 24 hour period before the surgery or visit. Feeding your pet within 24 hours of a surgery can result in accidents in the car or complications in surgery. To find out more about how you should go about taking your pet to the vet and the precautions post surgery or routine check ups, they can usually be found on the home page of your vets office.

Taking your dog for a walk or run or playing your cat will make them more docile on their trip to the vets office. Talking softly to your pet while gently petting them will help calm them and the familiarity of seeing their owner will make it much easier for the vet to give a proper examination. Having regular visits to the vet will help your pet adjust to visiting other places as well as traveling.

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