Tanning At Its Best

Tanning is the world’s most popular thing to do, especially in the summer. Everyone wants that perfect looking tan. The best way to do it, without having all of those bad UV and UA rays from the sun is with tanning beds.

There are many new facets to these tanning beds. They used to be all laying down beds. Now they even have beds that allows you can stand up in them. The optimum tan requires four to seven sessions for the base tan to be achieved. Then in order to maintain that tan of yours, one to two sessions per week need to be done.

The timing is quick also, only ten to fifteen minutes is required per session. These are the fast level beds that provide this.

There is also another type of tanning bed that is available. These are the Instant Level tanning beds. The number of sessions required to obtain the base level tan is only two to three. Then to maintain the tan only two to four sessions a month are needed. This type of bed helps to minimize the reddening of your skin. The time is not long to achieve this level. Only twelve to fifteen minutes is required.

There is another type of tanning bed. It is called a Versaspa. The tan shades last only five to seven days, which mean that your sessions need to be weekly. This type of machine uses new airbrush technology. It incorporates an open-air design to assist you in breathing. The equipment dries you automatically and you can choose your tan color.

Of course all of these options come with a fee. It is an unlimited membership and you sign up for it. These start at a low fee. Some even give you’re first tanning free and then you join the club.

There are many different tanning locations throughout the city of Springfield. They each have their own fee amount and some give coupons and also give your first visit free.

For those people who are very serious about tanning, they have low rates for you. And even more incentives. They will also give you money off when you join the club.

Everyone is on the go these days. So that is the reason that tanning appointments can be made through your smart phone. Just for that unexpected day to go to the beach with that special someone you want to impress.

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