The Art of Shaving – Slow and Steady

What is it about properly shaving that makes the face so smooth and shiny? It’s not just shaving in the shower with a sharp blade, lubricating your face, using a face scrub afterwards and finally aftershave. It is the art of shaving!

The Art of Shaving shows you how the process is done right! Some men, no matter how hard they may try, cannot get the art of shaving down. They end up with cuts here, ingrown hairs there and even show spots of hair that they have missed while shaving. There can even be skin irritation and high levels of it! But how do they properly serve the purpose here?

The most important thing to remember when shaving is that the best time to do it is after the shower. Shaving is not recommended after you first get out of bed. Remember, your skin has to have time to wake up just like you do.

Before actually beginning to shave, the hair that is on the face should be soft. This can be accomplished by dampening your face with a damp towel or face cloth. By doing this, you will allow yourself to get a closer shave. For the purpose of keeping the skin moisturized and damp, pre-shave oil and/or lotion can be applied. Also, using an exfoliating rinse, soap or lotion will also help remove the dead cells that can block the perfect shave. Razor burn can also be prevented using one of these lotions.

When applying your shaving gel, try and use a shaving brush to help you. By adding a little gel to the center part of the brush, you can get lathered up properly and get that clean shave you are after.

Take the shaving brush and move in a circular motion on your face, making sure that you cover all the areas, under the nose, chin and Adam’s apple. If you become short on lather, add a little water to your brush.

Remember, your razor should always be sharp! Using dull razors will make you apply more pressure which could result in shaving burns or cuts. Going in slow motion, remove all the hair and go in the direction of the growth of the hair, not against! Razor bumps, ingrown hair and burns can be the result if you are shaving against the grain. If you decide to go a second time over your face, it is possible then to go against the grain – but slow and smoothly! By doing this, you could eliminate the need to shave every day. If it is possible, you can use a new blade on the second round. Be sure to keep rinsing the blade when going for the second round, helping to ensure the hair has been evenly removed from your face. Be sure to wash the excess lather from your skin. Afterwards, you can wipe it clean using a towel.

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