The Importance of the Right Tool for the Perfect Shave

Most men shave their faces everyday which can cause irritation of the skin, especially if the proper care and tools aren’t being used while doing the shaving. The most harmful tool is also the most important tool, the razor. There are endless amounts of razors available out there, but the best of the best are the only ones that should be used. The best razor blade options are at The Art of Shaving store online; here are their best:

  • The Straight Edge razor blade- this blade is very traditional and has an old school, barber shop feel to it. It is the closest shave possible. There are different lengths available to best suit you, the handles can be made from black wood, ram’s horn, stainless steel, and Bocote wood. There are also disposable straight razor and engrave options available on some of the handles. If this is the razor that best suits you, don’t forget to also have strop strap to keep it sharp.
  • Fusion Razors- have the blade technology of The Gillette Company but have a sturdy more comfortable handle. The handles come in chrome, black and ivory, and there is an option to engrave it as well. The blades are replaceable on the razor, which keeps the razor blade sharp and fresh for each use.
  • Mach 3 razors-Like the fusion razor comes in a comfortable and sturdy handle with the options of horn, black or engraved with the blades being made from The Gillette Company.
  • Safety Razors- are more simplistic the before mentioned blades. This style has been in use since 1901, it has a double-edged safer razor.
  • Electric Shavers- There is different Braun electric shavers to choose from at The Art of Shaving store. All of them are cordless. In the Braun Series 7-790 Cordless Shaver the pulsonic micro vibrations allows for the hair to stay up for a close shave. These are fast and convenient razors for the busy man.

Regardless of which razor you use, it is always good to have more than one method readily available at home and to be able to travel with. Along with the razor there are complimentary accessories for the razor. For instance, there are stands that will hold your razor along with your shave brush to allow them to perfectly dry between uses.

In addition to the razors, and stands available at The Art of Shaving store there are other important elements to achieving a perfect shave. When preparing to shave always take the precautious to have the shave be the closest and most comfortable. Here are the basic steps for shaving; the first thing to do is to apply pre-shave oil, second, lather up with some shaving cream and then apply an aftershave. All of the best products are available there.

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