Throwing An Open House

An open house is a prime opportunity to let interested buyers take a look at your property. When you have an influx of buyers making an offer on your home, you can get an offer that is closer to your asking price. Here are a few tips to make your open house a successful event.

1) Advertise Ahead Of Time
Your real estate agent is going to take the lead on the advertising and promotion of your open house. However, you also have a responsibility to tell people about your upcoming event. Sellers can use social media or word of mouth to tell their friends, colleagues and family members to drum up interest in the showing of your home.

2) Stage The Home Appropriately
It is critical that the interior and exterior of the house is staged in a way that maximizes the benefits to the buyer. The master bedroom should look like it is the biggest room of the house and the backyard should be manicured and landscaped to its fullest potential. Proper staging can also help to minimize any visual flaws or issues with the floor plan that buyers may object to.

3) Offer Refreshments
There is nothing wrong with adding some type of incentive to attending the open house. While some people will come for the free food, you never know if someone who merely planned on a free meal will be impressed enough to make an offer. Whenever you are selling anything, the biggest challenge is to get people through the door. Therefore, do whatever it takes to give people a reason to stop by. The use of caterers Fort Worth can add an heir of professionalism and sophistication to your event.

4) Know Everything About The House
You or your real estate agent should be prepared to answer any and all questions related to the house. It is critical that someone is on hand to give prospective buyers an interactive tour that is engaging and piques their interest. If there have been any updates done to the property, your buyers should be made aware of them. Any new or updated features in your home increases your potential asking price while increasing the interest that you will receive from potential buyers.

Throwing a great open house requires a lot of work and advanced planning. When you partner with the right real estate agent and food service professionals, throwing a suave open house is within your reach. Buyers will love that you have gone to great lengths to put on a spectacular and memorable event.

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