Understanding Workmans Comp

Workers compensation is an insurance program paid by employers to pay cash benefits and medical expenses if their employees are injured on the job. As with any insurance or other similar programs, knowing the details and requirements for compensation under a Worker’s Compensation program often takes the advice of an experienced attorney specializing in this area.
Although this program is paid for by Workers Compensation taxes or premiums paid solely by the employers, the system is governed by the Workers Compensation Board. The Worker’s Compensation Board is a state agency which processes claims filed by injured employers. If there are any disputes between employers and employees over claims, it is the job of the Workers Compensation Board to intercede and make a determination on the cause of the injury, the nature and extent of the injury and whether or not the claim should be paid. This is an area in which Workers Comp Lawyers NYC is essential.
In Workers Comp cases, no one party is usually determined to be at fault. If, perhaps, the employee was careless in his or her job duties when injured, the amount of the claim paid would not be reduced due to that careless. Likewise, the amount paid on the claim would not be increased due to the fault of the employer. However, if it can be shown that the employer was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the job, that could result in the claim being dismissed.
A New York Workers Comp attorney can help you file your claim and deal with your employer. If both you and the employer agree that the injury was indeed work related the claim can be paid with minimal processing. However, if the employer disputes that the injury is indeed job related and the claim is submitted to the Workers Compensation Board for determination, no benefits on the claim will be paid to the injured employee until the determination is made. The employee may, however, be entitled to any disability payments from insurance provided by the employer. This is another area where an injured worker can benefit from the assistance of a qualified Workers Compensation attorney.
If an employee’s Workers Comp claim is approved by the employer’s insurance carrier, a letter will be issued which will serve to provide for payments for medical bills and prescriptions related to the injury. Participating doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical providers will file their claims directly with the insurance carrier so that the injured employee is not responsible for any out of pocket expenses.
Workers Compensation is a program in place to protect employees from on the job injuries and an attorney can help you through this process.

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