What is Cloud Storage

Computer users accumulate a lot of stuff in the course of their usage. Take the case of someone using a laptop at home to download movies and documentaries. You will need lots of space to keep all this data. Going over to a business set up, hundreds of files containing client data, work procedures and financial records are also generated. At some point, you tend to run out of storage space. One common observation among all computer users is the aspect of acquiring data and the challenge of where to have it stored.

However, there are several ways of dealing with this challenge:

  • Procurement of hard drives

  • Use of compact discs or thumb drives

  • Deleting old files in order to free storage space

Understanding cloud storage

These methods, however effective they may be, do have their limitations. A growing trend nowadays is to use cloud storage space. The mere mention of the word “cloud” may lead your mind towards the direction of weather patterns. However cloud storage simply refers to a process where a third party stores your data. To elaborate further on this, another party takes the onus of installing storage devices in premises away from yours. Your task then becomes that of transferring data to the remote storage facility. In order to link up your computers to the external storage service provider, you use an internet connection.

Benefits of cloud computing

This keeps your data generation computers free from clogs. It also ensures that your data remains safe. In the event that unauthorized persons try to tamper with your systems, your data remains safe. Another advantage of cloud storage is that calamities such as fires, earthquakes or storms have no bearing on the safety of data stored. If thieves were to break into your premises and steal all computers, you will still be able to access crucial business data. Cloud computing makes it possible for you to access data from any location so long as you are connected to the internet.

Transfer and accessing data

Depending on the service provider, cloud storage systems range from basic to complex structures. Some are small while others are so huge that the equipment involved can fill a warehouse. These facilities are known as data centers. Basically, the setting uses a server and internet connection. What happens is that you (the client) keep sending your files to a server that has been dedicated to your business. In the event that you want to retrieve your data, you use an interface to access the server.

Cloud storage service providers use numerous data servers in order to ensure clients do not fail to gain access or even send their data files. Redundancy, as the process is called, helps keep everything running during maintenance or power shut downs.

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