What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

Although nobody wants to think about a loved one passing away, it is important to at least have some sort of plan in place for this event so that you can make it through the experience as smoothly as possible. According to Consumer Reports the following is a good checklist. First, you want to get a pronouncement of death done legally. If you are at a hospital, a doctor can do this. If you are at home and have Hospice care they can also do this. If your loved one passes away at home and you have a do not resuscitate document simply call the paramedics. Once you have the death pronouncement, you will want to arrange for the transport of the body to a mortuary. If the doctor doesn’t already know, make sure to notify him or her.

Then make sure any close family members or friends are notified as necessary. Make sure to ask for help in doing this so you don’t have to do it all yourself. If your loved one was still working, make sure to promptly notify the employer and to ask about any death benefits you might be able to receive if applicable. All of these steps should be done immediately upon your loved one passing. Within a few days of your loved one passing you should make funeral arrangements. Greenwood & Meyers is a great resource. They will help you customize a funeral service and burial or cremation service that is unique and personal. They understand that the death of a loved one is a hard time, and they are there to provide you all the necessary help and support you will need during the trying time. While you plan the funeral you will also want to have someone sit down and write the obituary.

Also during this time ask a neighbor, close friend, or family member to keep an eye on the deceased’s home, pick up any mail, take note of any messages, etc. Finally there are some things you will need to do approximately 10 days or so after your loved one passes away. First make sure you obtain the death certificate and get a few copies. Different interested parties such as life insurance will need a copy. You will need to take the will to the appropriate office in order for it to be considered for probate. Keep in mind other tasks as needed such as speaking with an estate attorney, making sure the police keep an eye on the deceased home if it is now vacant, contact the individual’s financial advisor if there is one, go to the bank to get access to any accounts or safe deposit boxes, follow up with the life insurance agent to get any claims that are needed, stop payments from social security or other agencies your loved one was privy to, and stop utility services and mail services if the home is now vacant. Keep in mind these things to do when a loved one passes and you can not be so stressed in the moment.

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