Why Dental Implants are the Best Solution

Dental implants replace the entire tooth. It is anchored into your mouth just as solidly as natural teeth are. When you use dental implants you can chew as you would with your natural healthy teeth. The only maintenance that they need is to be cleaned to remove overall film, and flossed. They will never develop cavities, and they will be just as strong as your natural teeth were, if not more.

There are a few steps involved to applying the dental implant. People who have a higher bone density are able to adopt the dental implant with minimal fuss. However, sometimes bone needs to be grafted from other areas, or it may simply take longer to adopt the implant for some patients. The health of the bone structure of the jaw, and how quickly it grows determines how much attention the implant will need over time. The implant can take anywhere from a few months to eighteen months to become completely anchored into the jaw/

When the implant is anchored into your mouth, all that is needed is to attach the prosthetic tooth, which simply screws onto the anchor. When this is completed you can use your tooth as if it was a natural tooth, and there is no difference in appearance.

Dental implants are rapidly replacing dentures because they work more efficiently and cost less in overall time. Dental implants are simply the better way. Their only obstacle is that they require more of an investment upfront. Once this is paid for, and the implant is in place, they will never need to be adjusted again. Dental implants are a onetime expense, and then you are done.

With each year, dental implants are becoming more affordable. This is because it is the leading treatment for missing teeth over dentures. In many cases, an implant dentist understands the cost burden of paying upfront for dental implants, and they are willing to set up payment schedules so that their patients can receive the best dental health treatment. If you think that you may benefit from a dental implant, don’t hesitate to find out what your options are and schedule an appointment with a dentist. A good implant dentist will be happy to access your situation, and give you an honest quote. If you need more than one tooth replaced, the process takes just as much work and time as replacing one single tooth. You can implant one tooth, a group of connecting teeth, or even a complete upper or lower tooth replacement in the same amount of time.

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